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Mark Soriano


3 Jul 2022

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K⛔ Calling For Help ⛔Kayla has to start her GS treatment ASAP! According to her present weight.

Kayla has to start GS TREATMENT ASAP! according to her present weight. Of course with her increasing weight the dosage will vary....And the treatment has to run for 84days (12weeks) without fail.Her original owner dumped her and want to throw her in the streets if no one will take her. She was picked up in a drastic condition, slowly her body was dying.

With all the supportive care we gave she is showing signs of life. But still crucial if GS treatment is not started soon. 😔 According to the vet, she will die if treatment is not given immediately.We need your continuous support. Every single help is means a lot to us.

Kayla has not given up yet.Knocking your hearts in any way you can for her medication. 🙏🙏🙏

》》 Please support and donate for her long treatment《《

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